Welcome to The Rose Bowl Collection. Inspired by this upcoming Super Bowl we added our own flavor to this historic event that takes place each year. We present a couple different options for you to cop by the piece. This collection features our signature initials RWco embroidered throughout each piece of the collection. Also, you will find a twist on the Rose which is embroidered and with a splash of red. The oversized crewneck and hoodie feature "Rose Bowl MMXXIII" in a print on the back which is the first of its kind. Rosewear Clothing Company, Nashville, TN anchors each of these quality heavyweight garments with an embroidered red rose. In our relaxed track pants you can find the accompanying embroidered rose just below the front left pocket, while our RWco initials complete the look from the back. Complete the look with our classic 5 panel structured snapback that features a puffed RWco embroidery on the front and an  embroidered red rose on the side.